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thank you 2013


My camera got stolen last few weeks, yup thats the headline..

My whole bag of camera, with all the lenses (just bought a canon 35mm 1.4 at the time)… As you can see I haven’t update my blog for quite a time now, I feel heartbroken… That camera gear is more than just my camera gear, it was my companion on a lot of adventures, it was my method of expression, and although I only earn a small portion of my income directly from taking photos of wedding, portraiture and some corporate work it was still my livelihood.

I feel sad that we live in a world where people need to steal for sustenance. I forgive the thieves. I feel sorry for the thieves. Stealing from someone else is rarely right, but I am not angry with the thieves, I wish them the best I hope that they can someday find a place in this world where they do not need to take from others to survive. I’ve learned to take responsibility for what I’ve done wrong in life, and it was me who didn’t protect the bag better. If you go around blaming everyone else you’ll only end up with resent in your heart.

At the end of the day, I suppose I can be happy that losing possessions is the worst that has happened to me in these years, I suppose it could be much worse. I suppose that although incredibly expensive, possessions can be replaced. I need to be thankful that I am healthy. I am lucky, I have a great family and great friends; knowing that makes my camera gear feel a little bit less important.

And to all my future clients no worries, I got a new camera, all the necessary equipment, Im ready for next assignment :) To all my past clients, all the pictures are safe, thank god at the time theres nothing important in the memory card, Im sorry for all the delay on the albums, im getting on with it, just give me a bit of time, InsyaAllah I’ll deliver them all.

Anyway here is a sampling of my favorite moments from 2013, to all my clients, friends, I cannot thank you all enough – from the very bottom of my very grateful, full & humble heart. You are the reason for what I do, the reason my passion allows me to make a living & the reason I continue on this journey as an artist & a business person. I’ll never be able to thank you all enough, but I’ll try. I’ll keep producing quality imagery to the best of my abilities, I’ll keep learning & thirsting for knowledge & I’ll keep trying to be the best person, photographer & friend I can be. Thank you for all the support I have gotten from friends, family member, readers, clients, and even strangers always overwhelms me. And knowing that I have that support goes a long way in making me feel better about how things went down.

You are all wonderful

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