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Oh Chentaku:Sing It Rock & Roll – Behind The Scenes


Here is some behind the scenes footage of Oh Chentaku perform their latest music video Sing It Rock & Roll Now. The visual, which is being directed by Mr Zul Luey from Luey Motion Lab. Credit also goes to Izzad and his TWKL team, Aween Adly on the lightings, Azyan for helping out with the talents, Faris from IkanPaos Kolektif and special cameo appearance from local artistes: Yuna, Aizat & Anas Amdan, Bunkface!, The Azenders, Salam, Massacre Conspiracy Official, Tres Empre, Heart-A-Tack, RUN USJ, Jin Hackman, I and Revival! Stay tuned for the full video guys!

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