K’Seena House


K’Seena House is a 100 year old Rumah Melayu made of Chengal wood located at Lot No 3035, Lorong Teratai, Kampung Gombak, 48050 Kuang, Selangor. The house which the owner had fondly named “Pondok K’Seena” was originally built in Kota Bharu, Kelantan in the early 1900’s before it was later dismantled the house plank by plank, tile by tile and moved it to its current location in 1996. In February 2015, restoration and renovation works began to bring new life to the now renamed K’Seena House.

K’Seena House is an event space for rent suitable for training, workshops, brainstorms, parties, meetings, exhibitions, presentations, talks, classes, photo/video shoots, pop-up events, shops, painting, gatherings, celebrations and ceremonies. For weddings, K’Seena House offers a fully furnished day use bridal suite with attached bathroom and amenities.

The 3,000ft² paved main yard can accommodate up to 300 guests (30 tables) whilst the property’s 24,000ft² lawn with luscious aged trees provides the perfect setting for activities or al fresco dining.

Faridzul and Frenz – Gurindam Jiwa

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    Lovely house
    Nice pictures

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