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Idzam + Helisa Episode 1


Idzam and Helisa are a great couple. They simply seem so natural with each other. As they never had been photographed professionally before, they were a bit nervous, wondering a bit how a shoot works, I gave them some advices on clothing and told them how we usually go about.

We decided to shoot in Melaka. It was hot. Very, very hot. Lots of sweat. As we were shooting, and peeking at the shots, then shooting more, one thing clearly stood out: how much they loved each other and enjoyed one another’s company. I basically didn’t have to do much, except capturing that great radiant feeling in the air, and the beautiful connection between them. Cheesy but true.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the day…

Helisa & Idzam-102Helisa & Idzam-0253Helisa & Idzam-021Helisa & Idzam-018Helisa & Idzam-0202Helisa & Idzam-012Helisa & Idzam-005Helisa & Idzam-037Helisa & Idzam-0414Helisa & Idzam-063Helisa & Idzam-072Helisa & Idzam-094Helisa & Idzam-098Helisa & Idzam-166Helisa & Idzam-107Helisa & Idzam-110Helisa & Idzam-057Helisa & Idzam-048Helisa & Idzam-132Helisa & Idzam-145Helisa & Idzam-146Helisa & Idzam-151Helisa & Idzam-168Helisa & Idzam-241Helisa & Idzam-207Helisa & Idzam-2185Helisa & Idzam-222Helisa & Idzam-229Helisa & Idzam-191Helisa & Idzam-193Helisa & Idzam-1976Helisa & Idzam-244Helisa & Idzam-247Helisa & Idzam-2508Helisa & Idzam-339Helisa & Idzam-3657Helisa & Idzam-264Helisa & Idzam-269Helisa & Idzam-285Helisa & Idzam-297910Helisa & Idzam-405Helisa & Idzam-406Helisa & Idzam-422Helisa & Idzam-426Helisa & Idzam-427Helisa & Idzam-428Helisa & Idzam-439

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