Danial + Iqa Episode 2


Shooting with clouds of mosquitos. GIANT mosquitos. Mosquitoes that bite through clothes. And leeches, yup leeches that suck your blood :)

How’s that for a visual?

That’s what greeted Danial and Iqa and me at their portraiture session. Yeah.

We started the shoot early in the morning. We had a great time walking around the park and Danial and Iqa were such troopers, willingly getting bitten by mosquitoes the whole time, but in the middle of the photoshoot, Iqa felt something crawl under her foot. Sure enough it was a leech :) But not every girl I know is as strong as Iqa. When Danial pulled the leech out, blood was everywhere! With a box of tissues, we managed to stop the blood and soon after that we continued our shoot till the end. To Danial and Iqa, thank you so much for asking me to spend that morning with you. I had a wonderful time getting to know the both of you and I know you will have a lovely future together. Keep in touch!

– Afnan Omar

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