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Ayd + Siti Episode 3


Kepong Metropolitan Park turned out to be a spectacular setting for these engagement photos. The water was lovely, the weather was perfect, and Siti and Ayd are pretty much the best. They were up for anything and laughing contagiously the whole time. I love when the couple I’m photographing is just relaxed and hanging out, not taking the shoot too seriously. It makes for natural photos with easy interactions!

Asad & Siti-001Asad & Siti-004Asad & Siti-005Asad & Siti-012Asad & Siti-037Asad & Siti-041Asad & Siti-0612Asad & Siti-070Asad & Siti-073IMG_1246Asad & Siti-084Asad & Siti-171IMG_1427Asad & Siti-096Asad & Siti-1013Asad & Siti-113IMG_1508Asad & Siti-1334

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